BPI Express Online is the fastest and safest way to give to Victory!

Give your tithes or support Every Nation World Missions, the Real LIFE Foundation, or the Every Nation Building Phase 2 project, in just two easy steps!

Step One: Register Victory as a Merchant

  1. Make sure you have your Reference Number. Fill out the form below if you don’t have it.
  2. Log on to http://bpiexpressonline.com.
  3. From the main menu, select Payments and Reloading > Bills Payment > Enroll All Other Bills.
  4. Select “Victory Christian Fellowship (VCTRY)” as merchant.
  5. Enter your Reference Number then click Submit.

Step Two: Give Anytime

  1. Log on to http://bpiexpressonline.com
  2. From the main menu, select Payments & Reloading > Bills Payment > Pay Bills Today.
  3. Select VCTRY from the “Pay” menu.
  4. Type your amount into the “the amount of” box.
  5. Select a bank account from the “from my account” menu.
  6. Enter an Additional Reference Number and click Submit.

Get your reference number

Other Giving Options

Credit Card

Give safely and securely to Victory using VISA or Mastercard.


Give safely and securely to Victory using Paypal.

Cash or Check

You may give to Victory using cash or check at any Victory church throughout the Philippines.